Lin Chi

Lin Chi in Chinese means spirit healing. This type of healing, together with acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in the Orient. Chi may be seen as vital force, for it gives life to all things. Illness comes about when there is a disruption or error in the communication between the vital force and the body.

The purpose of this type of treatment is to restore the natural balance and harmony of the person. In order to become adept at Lin Chi one must study for many years with a master.

The patient sits or lies down and the practitioner will stand or sit near the patient and then connect with the patients body and check for problems. The practitioner will identify the problem and then concentrate on the area until it is corrected or resolved. There is no pain or discomfort and in fact the patient will usually feel a sense of well being and relaxation and calmness and may even fall asleep.

This method of treatment can be used to heal physical or emotional problems. Some times massage may be required to restore an injured area and help smooth the circulation.

People of all ages can be safely treated in the comfort of their own home. A treatment may take up to an hour depending on the problem. The number of treatments depends on the problem or illness and the patients age and general condition.

Treatments are available from Cape Town, South Africa.

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