Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been the main medical discipline in the orient for thousands of years and has recently become popular in the West.  It is a holistic system based on harmonizing and maximizing the energy, vitality and physical body function and flows to maintain health.

Sickness is brought about by disharmony, bacteria, virus, injury or severe emotional distress. Essentially there are points or areas on the body which have the potential ability, when used in conjunction with others and according to the diagnosis, to facilitate healing. Needles are not inserted into nerves. In certain conditions the points may be warmed with a herb called Moxa (mugwort).

One treatment may sometimes be sufficient but it depends on the condition, patient’s age, general health etc. In general three to four treatments a few days to a week apart may be necessary. This is just a general estimate, each patient must be assessed individually.

An acupuncture treatment will take about 90 min’s as they need to keep the needles in for an hour or so to get a good result. Most fall asleep.

One acupuncture treatment is R400.

Acupuncture can be used to treat many conditions effectively. Common medical problems that respond well are:

Arthritis, back pain, constipation, addiction, bronchitis and breathing problems, candida, genital infections, diarrhoea, cystitis, hypertension, persistent, persistent headache, digestive problems, flu, panic attacks, joint pains, stiff painful neck, shingles, sinus blocked nose, hayfever etc.