Long Hu School of Tai Chi

 Dr Michael McLoughlin

MikeInstructor of Chinese Martial Arts:

Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing I Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Chi Kung, Shaolin Gung Fu.

Dr Michael McLoughlin has been practising Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for the past fifteen years and specializes in drug addiction and related illnesses.

He has worked at the Cape Town Drug Rehabilitation Centre for eleven years and in others such as Crescent Clinic and Tabankulu, before it closed down. Dr. McLoughlin has treated thousands of people from all over the world and from all walks of life, both rich and poor. He ran a non- profit clinic at Imazanu Yetu in Hout Bay for two years and worked at weekends in most of the disadvantaged areas of the Western Cape for many years giving free clinics.

Dr McLoughlin has a private practice in Constantia and Kenilworth, Cape Town.

If you wish to find out more please phone 082 7034 549 or e-mail – michaelhmcloughlin@gmail.com




1970 – 1986

Kyo Kushinkai Karate: Ian Harris (Rhodesia) – Mas Oyama (Japan)
Shotokan: Gojuryu (South Africa)
Shukokai: Eric Smith (South Africa) – Shigeru Kimura (USA)

1987 – 1991

Wa Lum Kung Fu: L Reed (South Africa) – D Freerson (UK) – Chan Poi (USA)
Tan Tui: L Reed (South Africa) – D Freerson (UK) – Chan Poi (USA)
Wing Chun Kung Fu: L Reed (South Africa) – D Frearson (UK) – Ip Chun (Hong Kong)
Tang Lang Kung Fu: Lee Kam Wing (Hong Kong)
Yang Tai Chi (new mainland style): L Reed – D Frearson – Bow Sim Mark (USA) and Au Rong Ju (Hong Kong)
Chen Tai Chi: Zhao Rao Rao (South Africa) – Chen Shao Wing (China)

1991 – 1992

Dragon Kung Fu: Siu Yu Fok (South Africa) – Au Rong Ju (Hong Kong)
Yang Tai Chi: Siu Yu Fok (South Africa) – Au Rong Ju (Hong Kong)

1992 to present:

Grand Master Lin Feng-Chao (closed door disciple) (South Africa)
Shaolin Kung Fu
Fukien White Crane
Hsing I Chuan
Ba Gua Zhang
Yang Tai Chi: Lin Feng-Chao (Taiwan) – Chen Man Ching – Yang Cheng Fu
Chi Kung: general health, martial and medical
Buddhist Meditation
Chinese Philosophy and Culture
Chinese Medicine (Diploma Tui Na and Bone-setting, Diploma Acupuncture, Diploma Advanced Acupuncture and Bone-setting. Graduate Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Received distinction)
Dr. Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. M McLoughlin & Dr. FC Lin

Dr. M McLoughlin & Dr. FC Lin

My teacher, since 1992, is Grandmaster Lin Feng-Chao from Taiwan who has lived in Cape Town since 1991. He was a closed Door Disciple of Cheng Man Ching for many years until Cheng’s death. He learned Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine from Cheng. I still study and do research with Dr. Lin. As can be seen the Tai Chi Chuan lineage is direct and I am fourth generation from Yang Cheng Fu. This is not common in the West The Tai Chi we teach is according to original Chinese Philosophy and Natural Science Principles. We follow the rules and treatises as laid down by Yang Cheng Fu, Chen Man Ching and the Commentary of Zhang San Feng.