Long Hu School of Tai Chi Chuan

I have been studying martial arts for nearly fifty years. For the past thirty years I have been practising Tai Chi Chuan and have been teaching for twenty years.

At my school I teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, as taught to me by Grandmaster Lin Feng-Chao, who was a student of Cheng Man-Ching during the 1960’s and 70’s in Taiwan. Over the past 24 years I have learnt Chinese martial arts, Chinese medicine and acupuncture from Dr.Lin and we are still working together.

We practice according to the principles espoused by the old masters. Cheng Man Ching, Yang Cheng Fu, Wang Tsung-Yuei and the Commentary on Tai Chi Chuan. The teaching is according to the Tai Chi principles and Chinese medical philosophy, so the focus is on health benefits and fitness. Many people have come to train with me and found that their health issues were resolved through practice. Diligent practice will increase flexibility and overall body strength and promote robustness and general good health and resistance to disease. Regular practice helps to slow the ageing process. It also helps to reduce stress and increase concentration. Common health issues such a back pain, poor circulation and painful joints are often resolved within a short time.

Anyone of any age can begin Tai Chi and they will gradually become stronger and fitter. You simply do what you can manage to start with.

Curriculum: Yang Style Short form (Chen Man-Ching), Long Form (Yang Cheng-Fu). Chi Kung, Sword form, Push hands.
Meditation class once a month.

The classes are very informal and the students friendly and co-operative so we all work together as a group and help each other. You are welcome to try a free introductory class at any time.